Privacy and Protection both are achieved with our "Lifetime Warranty" automotive window films.

Akron Auto Polish offers window tint with proven performance and in a wide variety of technologies and styles.


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All our tint has a 99% UV rejection rating to protect you and your vehicle

Automotive Window Film near Bath, OH

Window Tint by SunTek Certified Installers

Akron Auto Polish empowers vehicle owners by offering professional installations and a broad selection of automotive tint, each able to improve the look and performance of window glass in its own way. No matter the set of benefits, we don’t compromise on formulation for installation ease, as this is critical for everyone’s product satisfaction.

Our trustworthy tints are engineered with technologies ranging from time-tested to cutting-edge and offered in styles from rich black to optically clear. We stand behind them with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty and are proud to set you free to choose what best meets your demands for performance and style.

Select metal-free ceramic or carbon film technology to keep GPS, satellite radio and cellular phone signals free from interference. Make a statement with an industry-leading specialty mirrored look. Or go for a low-key clear film that doesn’t alter appearance.

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Ceramic Tints

CIR™ Series
Nano-hybrid carbon enhanced with ceramic technology for lasting true black hue, clear signals, and exceptional rejection of heat and UV rays.

Carbon Tints

CXP™ & Carbon Series
Advanced nano-hybrid carbon technology without metals for nonreflective black tint, no signal interference, and outstanding solar protection.

Mirror Tints

InfinityOP™ Series
A popular film with all-metal nichrome construction for a distinctive, mirrored look on the exterior and a neutral look from the interior.

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