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Do you want to get that Showroom feeling back to your paint? Your shine, gloss, and glimmer are what people notice first and who doesn’t like that nice clean brand new look? Here at Akron Auto Polish we offer some of the most advanced machine polishing and paint correction treatments to restore that original clarity and deep, rich color and paint job your beauty deserves. 

Some of the most common paint correction is swirl removal and removing paint imperfections that have developed over time. This can be a big problem when factoring in long term value of your vehicle and it’s exterior. Here at Akron Auto Polish we nano-technology abrasives (compounds and polishes) to deeply and perfectly touch up and remove those marks of time.

At Akron Auto Polish, we teach the latest techniques to all of our professional detail technicians and always work as a team to get the best eyes on your car. We use the highest end and best quality products available on the market and with years of paint correction experience we know you will be happy.

Here is a breakdown of what we offer:

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© 2019 Copyright Akron Auto Polish